Praber Snc - Presse e bilancieri
Sede operativa: Via Giorgio La Pira, 27/29 - 25021 Bagnolo Mella (Brescia - Italy)
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Ufficio Tecnico Praber Snc

Praber S.n.c. is a firm specialized in the field of creation of presses nad screw presses, and in the complete assistance concerning the above mentioned of machinery.

With a twenty years experience in the field of oleodynamic, eccentric and hydraulic, our firm is in a position to guarantee the most qualified assistance, also concerning the spare parts sector. Moreover, Praber S.n.c. can offer a huge selection of products, as used and overhauled machines, certified according to the actual laws.

Among the provided services there is the electronic automatisms and pneumatic loading/unloading project, provided with the most advanced technologies, always customizable according to the needs of the customer, and perfectly implementable to every kind of mahinery.

Praber S.n.c. is moreover in a position to provide ejectors and die lubrication systems. For very heavy loads we can create anthropomorphous robotic automations.